How Often Do Saline Breast Implants Need to Be Replaced?

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It is a myth circulating in the general laws of the community about them. Often the patients to their plastic surgeon said, “It was 10 years and I was told I have my breast implants removed and replaced.” This is not necessarily true. Breast implants are not like tires, they need not be replaced at regular intervals. The only reason that the implants need to be replaced is if there are problems or in relation to the implant. These problems can be broken, Capsular tension ring contracture or implant displacement. The frequency of these complications depends on the type implant. The good news is that in the case of an implant does not need to be replaced, implant manufacturers currently both saline and silicone breast implants, free of charge and is a part of the fees as well as surgeons.

Saline breast implants have a similar outside of the silastic silicone implants, but the material is saline filled silicone instead. These were prospective studies of the fracture at a rate of about 3-5% at 3 years and 7-10% after 5 years. This is roughly about 1-2% per year of implantation. Saline implants do not have the same Riske of “silence breaks” that can occur with silicone implants. If it does not implant, the breasts deflate, and it is usually a simple procedure to replace it for a new implant. Since the implant filler, and not their form cohesive silicone, there is a greater likelihood of a “fold error (such as the fold in a newspaper). The repetitive folds be worn if the implant and can lead to a higher risk of rupture. The valve is used to the implant is another source of the threat of a saline implant rupture, which is not silicone implants. There is a decreased risk of documented contracture Capsular tension ring with saline implants compared to silicone implants. Newer generations of silicone implants will hopefully reduce the risk of contractures due to the cohesive material causes less “bleeding” of silicone oil.

In summary, the risk of failure is higher, the longer an implant was in place. According to the FDA and the package inserts from the implant manufacturers, implants are not permanent and most patients need to be replaced at least once. For saline implants, so long as they do not break or cause problems, they never need to be replaced. The same applies for the silicone implants, but there is a danger that the “silent rupture.” The FDA recommends frequent MRI studies to assess the silicone implants to diagnose silent rupture. These are the costs prohibitive for many patients. It may make a recommendation to the silicone implants replaced at a regular time interval when the results of the study permit. For now both saline and silicone implants should be replaced only if they fail.

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